Route description

The tourist bus line (during spring-autumn) is comprised of 4 special sightseeing busses (with open rooftop), each with a capacity of 77 seats, which run on the following route: Piaţa Presei, Muzeul Satului, Arcul de Triumf, Piaţa Victoriei, Calea Victoriei, Palatul Parlamentului, Piaţa Unirii, Universitate, Piaţa Romană, Piaţa Victoriei, Piaţa Charles de Gaulle, Şos. Kiseleff şi Piaţa Presei (14 STOPS).

Considering the special nature of the “Bucharest City Tour” bus line, we offer tourists the opportunity to inform themselves on options to fill their time in Bucharest through the informative printed materials provided ( large map of the route and flyers).

Aside from the general aspects regarding bus route and schendule (running program, pricing details, bus stops), the detailed “Bucharest City Tour” map also offers information on places and options for spending leisure time during visits to Bucharest. Restaurants, bars and clubs are marked on the map with various symbols in order to offer proper directions to each of these locations. The map is free of charge and is available in hotel receptions, STB SA sale centers, the tourist information stands and the airport.

The Bucharest City Tour flyers, which contain bilingual information regarding the tourist bus line, can be found at hotels which have established a partnership with STB SA (marked in the blue section on the Bucharest City Tour map) as well as those that offer vouchers for this bus line, the tourist information stands, the airport and main train stations in the city.

The vouchers that are distributed to the hotels with which we are in partnership can be bought and used by tourists that have accommodations in the Capital for the ride on the double-decker busses. In exchange for these vouchers, on board of the buses the tourists receive the card that is necessary to start and enjoy the tourist line.

The double-decker busses are equipped with audio guides in Romanian, English, French and Italian languages. The 14 bus stops of the tour offer a new, more attractive image, also due to the reconditioning of the posts that mark them so they now hold the same design as the printed informative materials.